Seminole Pride™ is a brand owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.; a Minority Business that is certified by the Minority Supplier Development Council of South Florida. Our Seminole Pride™ product line consists of the following products: citrus juices (orange juice and lemonade), fresh fruits, Florida-spring bottled water, and natural and conventional beef products. Naturally Native™ is a brand name we market our products under.

Seminole Pride™ Beef Natural and Conventional Beef Products:

Seminole Pride Cattle As the “Original Cowboys”, the Seminole Tribe of Florida has been raising cattle in Florida since the 1500’s! Seminole cattle are Angus-bred and sourced from Seminole Tribal Reservations in Florida as well as other stringently-controlled cow and calf operations in Florida.

Seminole Pride™ beef is source and age-verified, 100% Traceable and Certified USDA Prime and USDA Choice All Natural Beef:

Our tender beef is certified non-hormone treated cattle (NHTC) by IMI Global, a third-party auditor, and are antibiotic-free (ABF), grass and corn-fed. Seminole Pride™ cattle are inspected through a rigid quality assurance program that controls the process from “field to fork” to ensure total consumer confidence. Seminole Pride™ beef meets the stringent requirements of the European Union (EU) countries and is approved for export to Europe. Additionally, Seminole Pride™ beef is available as Halal- and Kosher-certified. The Seminole Pride™ cattle are raised to a weight of approximately 500 lbs. They are then weaned and back grounded [weighed, individually identified, LOT number assigned and vaccinated] and grass-fed until approximately 750 lbs. They are then put on a high-energy ration of corn, soybeans, and wheat until reaching approximately 1,250 lbs. They are then harvested and fabricated in a rigidly controlled, “good animal practice” process as directed by Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned animal welfare expert.

The primals and sub-primals are sent to USDA- and HCCAP-approved processing operations to be cut into steaks (ribeyes, sirloins, strips, filets, etc.), as well as grinds (bulk and pre-formed hamburger patties). The finished products are marketed to foodservice, retail and governmental accounts. Our natural beef line is produced under stringent protocols; however, these cattle are on a USDA approved 120-day withdrawal program from antibiotics that may have been administered during the grow-out process. In contrast, our regular beef product line uses cattle that are raised in a conventional method.

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